United for Respect is a multiracial movement of working people advancing a vision of an economy where corporations respect our work and recognize our humanity. Black, brown, and white women are at the heart of this fight for our families and communities. We are building an economy that allows us to live and work in dignity. We dream big and we win big.


“I want to change retail, I want to set a standard for companies and let them know they can not get away with treating us like numbers.”

Pilar Barragan, Missouri


We work hard – and yet we still struggle with low pay, unpredictable hours, limited healthcare. No matter how hard we try, we are still left scrambling to pay the bills, find child care, and show up for our families. Most of us are never given opportunities to grow or succeed at work.

Our economy today works for billionaires rather than the rest of us. We are coming together to directly challenge corporate power and build an economy that allows us to live and work with dignity.

Change comes from the people at the bottom taking on corporate forces at the top. That’s us.

How We Build Power

We build power to take our fight for respect across the country and across different employers.

Creating Community

We come together – in our stores, in our communities, and online – to support and care for each other.

Taking Action

We work retail jobs across the country and come together to take action at corporations to win the changes we need.

Changing Policy

We are pushing for policies for a fair workweek, living wage, paid family and sick leave, and protection for working people.

We are fighting for a world where all of our families and communities thrive.


Will you join our movement?