United for Respect was an early pioneer of digital organizing, creating an Online to Offline (O2O) model in the nascent years of social media that became a go-to resource for groups across the labor movement.

Today, digital engagement continues to allow us to build and engage in every community – rural, suburban, and urban – across the country. 

But we also know that true power lies at the local level. 

When we started talking to Amazon warehouse associates from the ATL6 facility in Atlanta, Georgia, some of their biggest pain points were ones their facility management had the power to fix.

The success of our leaders at ATL6 soon caught the attention of local elected officials, who asked for a tour of the facility – which swiftly led to another round of improvements. Warehouse associates saw that organizing had power, and doubled down while worker leaders in the facility built a relationship with key decision makers in their area. 

We’re doubling down where we need it most. 

We’re focused on in-person organizing in Georgia, California, Michigan and the regional Southeast – places we know we can develop the leadership of retail workers to drive comprehensive campaigns to change the retail industry and local economies. 

And we are committed to integrating political acumen and organizing power to elect labor champions where we need them most and building a model of success to take to the national level for when federal dynamics change in our favor – all while urging America’s biggest corporations to build better, more equitable workplaces.