Pirate Equity: How Wall Street Firms are Pillaging American Retail

For decades, Wall Street firms have been driving economic inequality in our country, threatening working people’s livelihoods, and destabilizing local economies. Today, private equity firms own companies that employ more than 5.8 million Americans.

Surveying 1,100 retail workers employed across major employers and within key retail economies, we launched the first national opinion polling of the retail workforce. This report offers insights from retail workers on the technologies currently used in their stores, as well as their own predictions on the opportunities and threats presented by technology.

Trapped In Part-Time: Walmart’s Phantom Ladder of Opportunity

For Walmart’s more than 500,000 part-time hourly associates, the path-way to build a better life simply does not exist. Walmart associates work hard each day with the hope of getting ahead, but soon face a sobering reality: what the company has promised is actually a phantom ladder of opportunity.