Amazon Delivers #PrimeDiscrimination.

Across the country, warehouse associates with disabilities face multiple hurdles in receiving the type of reasonable accommodations that would allow them to perform their jobs safely and successfully. It’s time for #PrimeAccommodations.

Pride in Retail

For years, retailers have capitalized on the popularity of Pride. But how are they treating their LGBTQIA+ workers?

Sexism in the Retail Industry

America’s retailers depend on underpaid women while men hold the retail industry’s top jobs and make decisions about pay and benefits for millions of families across the country.

The Health Care Coverage Gap

For people living in states that have not approved Medicaid expansion, even a low-paid, hourly job will make them ineligible for Medicaid benefits. But they can’t afford expensive employer-sponsored plans. 2.2 million people are being left behind.

Racism and Retail

The retail industry runs on Black labor – while underpaying and exploiting the Black workers powering its profits. These giant corporations perpetuate inequity through occupational segregation and the wage gap.

Retail v Roe

As abortion bans proliferate across the country, people who work in retail are particularly at risk: Frontline positions like cashiers are underpaid, lack benefits, and are disproportionately young women of color. This report takes a look at how retail associates are affected and how America’s top 10 retailers contributed to this crisis.

Walmart’s Failure to Prioritize Employee and Public Health

Walmart’s health and safety response to the coronavirus pandemic has been dangerously delayed and wholly inadequate. As this brief reveals, at every critical stage, Walmart failed to fully implement vital public health guidance, and the actions they did take were delayed and insufficient.

Pirate Equity: How Wall Street Firms are Pillaging American Retail

For decades, Wall Street firms have been driving economic inequality in our country, threatening working people’s livelihoods, and destabilizing local economies. Today, private equity firms own companies that employ more than 5.8 million Americans.

Surveying 1,100 retail workers employed across major employers and within key retail economies, we launched the first national opinion polling of the retail workforce. This report offers insights from retail workers on the technologies currently used in their stores, as well as their own predictions on the opportunities and threats presented by technology.

Trapped In Part-Time: Walmart’s Phantom Ladder of Opportunity

For Walmart’s more than 500,000 part-time hourly associates, the path-way to build a better life simply does not exist. Walmart associates work hard each day with the hope of getting ahead, but soon face a sobering reality: what the company has promised is actually a phantom ladder of opportunity.