The store has so many issues but as of the last couple months have been a complete nightmare. In March I had surgery to prevent cancer and get rid of painful tumors/cysts. The surgery that I had was mastectomy and bilateral.

I let management know about the leave a month before it happened. The manger in my department rolled their eyes & was upset about the leave.

The associate with many tubes attached to their body.

A photo from after the surgery.

While on leave Sedgwick gave me lots of issues wanting more and more proof. I didn’t understand why, I sent in all the proper paperwork and more.


I couldn’t call my people lead for help as she did not have a phone. Once my leave was over I was able to go back on light duty but that wasn’t even a possibility because Sedgwick said I was fired from my job, and I couldn’t speak to my people lead.

When I called finally got a hold of a manger they helped me said I would be on light duty in their department until I got better. This manger and the leads were awesome and made sure I was safe. I was fine for 3 months on light duty but once new management and people leads came in, things changed. Hours for all employees got cut the store became more of a mess. I was told I could no longer be able to work light duty in the department I was in. The only option I was given was one that would have me working against my availability, and cut my pay. I said no I could not do that, and was taken off the schedule completely. So I had to apply for a new leave and have my second surgery moved up.


My surgeon was worried I would be fired and lose my insurance so moved my surgery up.


A couple days after my surgery a manger called wanting my personal medical information and Sedgwick information. I said no, I’m healing from surgery and that Sedgwick would give them the information they needed. She stated that my people lead would be calling me since I was not giving her the information she needed.

So while on my second leave from surgery I am trying to look for a new job. I don’t feel safe or comfortable to go back to work.

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