While working at a Walmart store in Grove City, Ohio, I started my day normally as a department manager of stationary and furniture. I was in charge of two departments and they pulled the only associate working with me so I had NO help to get everything done.

During this time my blood pressure went up to 277/102, so I ended up at the hospital and found out my kidneys were failing. With 5-10% function in both kidneys I was immediately put on dialysis and put on the kidney donor list.

During this time I continued to go to work from 6-3. 3 days a week I would leave work and go straight to dialysis for 4 hour sessions.

When my port was put in for dialysis it was first put in my chest. It fell out 2-3 times so they put my port in my left arm. During that time, I was admitted to the hospital a lot.

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I was mad!

After that all I did was be considerate on my health. I ended up going through dialysis for about 7 months and found out my brother was a match. So he gave me a kidney. I am so blessed and grateful to have this second chance at life. It will be 13 years on July 24th of this year. Thank you Jesus! In the end, if I hadn’t stepped down & taken care of my health, I wouldn’t be here from the stress. I had a immune disorder where your immune system attacks your kidneys.

Walmart should treat their employees better! No human being should be treated like what we have to deal with!

Please help us change it to the way Sam Walton started this company.

Take action today to stand up with me…



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