I was a Walmart associate from March 2016 to Dec 2020. It was very difficult. I have Epilepsy, and I have known since I was in my teens. I think it’s been more debilitating in recent years. One of the biggest complaints is speed. I’m not fast like other people and I don’t think I’m as fast as I was 15 years ago. There is nothing I can do about that and I have explained this to management. I have asked what other roles I could do. I had one manager in the last store who acted all sympathetic, and made the paperwork to transfer to from overnight to days. I kid you not, on my last night working the overnight shift I got written up by that same manager and another one.

They where telling me that I was lying about my medical history and problems.

It’s not the first time I’ve had these issues. I even had management in the first store I worked in sign off on my write up that I would talk to my doctors to see what we can do to help my motor -functions. Yes, my management didn’t even read the action plan I wrote, but they signed off on it. What worse is that I don’t have a copy of my write-ups.

We Walmart associates aren’t even allowed to see our write-ups after all is said and done. I find that shady.

My last job was also a multi-billion dollar company and they gave anyone who got written-up a copy of it. At Walmart, because it’s all digital, how do I know that they won’t alter anything if Walmart had to go to court?

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I had no access to my schedule because when I transferred to this store from the other side of the country there was a glitch in the system. I Transferred in May of 2019 and management wouldn’t fix the problem until overnight, daytime, and field support managers all talked to eachother. I think back to fall of 2019 I had a seizure at this particular, new location for the first time. My hours were cut. I feel it was because of this incident.

The fact that I transferred to day shifts — and my last night shift with them they decided to write me up, ridicule me, and call me a liar about my health issues — makes me think that my epilepsy is most definitely the reason they cut my hours.

I contacted home office about my dismissal and they pretty much tried ignore me. It took me  reaching out to the labor board for this store to call me. They left a message to call them back but wouldn’t give a reason. My husband — whose job is on par with being a paralegal in the Navy — advised me not to go because of the closed door ridicule I have dealt with in the past. I have not gotten any feedback from the labor board.

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