The point system at Walmart is horrendous. I have worked for Walmart for 5 years and have been too sick to go to work. I was a Produce Department Manager who was going to work coughing and sneezing. My other coworkers kept trying to get me to go home to rest. I called off the following day taking the advice of my coworkers.


When I came back I was berated by my Store Manager saying that there is no excuse to call off, and that if I continue to call off we’re going to have to discuss my position.


PPTO takes forever to accumulate. You get 1 hour of PPTO for every 33.3 hours worked. You have to work 7-8 weeks straight before you get enough PPTO to call out once. And they will coach you for Productivity if you use too much PPTO. If you have already have health issues I would not suggest working at Walmart.



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