I worked for Walmart about a year, I really enjoyed it there. It was one of my favorite places to work. But after months of watching other associates be fired for the stupidest reasons I slowly lost respect for the store I worked at. Not to mention that even though I was in Seasonal I was frequently called to the front to do petty tasks like random cart returns by the Front End manager. This led to me not being able to finish some of my tasks for the night in my own department, Seasonal.

Anyways, I told my managers about my migraines. They last for weeks at a time and I’ve tried my best to work with them.

The first two migraines I got on the job I just toughed it out. All I could do was do returns but even that was killing me so I sat in the back till I had enough PTO to leave.

So when the next migraine rolled around I refused to come in, my nausea was killing me. I couldn’t even get out of my bed much less work.

Walmart refused to take my doctors notes, which I expected based off past doctor visits. So I put in a LOA [leave of absence], the only thing I could do. I went to the doctor and asked her to give me a shot to help my pain, and to fill out LOA papers. After all that, though, my LOA was rejected twice, leading to my firing not even a full month later.

I understand you need to have a somewhat strict attendance policy for a job like this. But I can’t help my migraines, and I shouldn’t be put in a position where I have to choose to have a job or actually take the rest I need.



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