Some say a “retail apocalypse” is on the rise because of Amazon and online shopping, but there’s more to the story. Wall Street greed is driving a job crisis in retail by gobbling up some of our favorite brands like Toys R Us and Sears, bankrupting them, and leaving workers with nothing while private equity executives make millions. Bankruptcy Watch is an employee-sourced tool that helps people working in retail raise concerns about how our companies are being run. 

How? By tracking the most common signs of bankruptcy: sudden or big changes, cutting hours or benefits, using outdated or old technology, messy or unsafe conditions, and an inability to provide the same level of service. By joining together, we can stop bankruptcies, protect our jobs, and continue to provide quality customer service. Let us know what’s happening in your store today, confidentially.

Just click the link below and follow the question prompts to make your voice heard. United for Respect (UFR) will NOT share your personal information publicly or with your employer. UFR is a multiracial national nonprofit organization fighting for big and bold policy change that improve the lives of people who work in retail.