Tell NJ Lawmakers:

Make Big Corporations Pay When They Put Us Out of Work


Since July of 2020 – when New Jersey’s Guaranteed Severance Pay law should have taken effect – over 28,000 people have had their jobs eliminated and could’ve qualified for severance under the new law. Instead, they got nothing while Jersey’s big corporations (who put a lot of people out of work) got paid out millions of our state and federal tax dollars, all because corporate billionaires used COVID as a cover to put our pay protections on pause. This has to end.

Working people can’t wait any longer — will you join our fight to finally implement the Guaranteed Severance Pay Law?

Inspired by the
historic $20 million dollar severance assistance fund that Toys R Us associates fought for and won in 2018 — New Jersey State Senator Joe Cryan (LD20) teamed up with our committee of essential workers across the state who are leading the movement with United for Respect to improve the lives of people working in retail.

After COVID was declared a pandemic in March of 2020, our state government took swift action to stabilize the local economy. Corporations lobbied to have Guaranteed Severance Pay put on hold as part of that process, and emergency legislation to delay implementation of the law passed in April 2020

Essential workers and their families have been left waiting for two long years. But New Jersey can still be the first state to implement protections of this kind, providing meaningful security in the face of mass layoffs. 

Help deliver justice for New Jersey’s working families!
Join our fight and call on the NJ legislature to implement the Guaranteed Severance Pay Law NOW.