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I’m a [COMPANY NAME] employee from [CITY, STATE, STORE #]. In the [WEEKS/MONTHS] since George Floyd’s death, we’ve seen corporate America put out statements insisting that they care about their Black and brown employees but that’s not what I’ve experienced at my [STORE/DISTRIBUTION CENTER/FULFILLMENT CENTER]. #BlackLivesMatter is not a slogan to me. [IF YOUR EMPLOYER HAS PUT OUT A STATEMENT IN SUPPORT OF BLACK EMPLOYEES, MENTION IT HERE.]

For example, [INSERT SPECIFIC INSTANCES OF LACK OF RESPECT, RACISM, MICROAGGRESSIONS OR DISCOMFORT YOU’RE EXPERIENCING AT WORK.] These experiences are an everyday reality for many in the Black community. 

As a corporate leader, you have a responsibility to Black and brown employees to openly and loudly affirm that our workplaces respect everyone and that we have a right to a workplace free from racism and discrimination. Our families and communities have been traumatized  repeatedly and we are expected to show up at work every day with a positive attitude and consistent productivity that benefits each [COMPANY NAME] employee. We’re expected to roll with the punches, forgive and forget, be professional. But when do we get to expect the bare minimum amount of dignity from our employers and managers? 

Enough is enough. I’m calling on [COMPANY NAME] to do better. If [COMPANY NAME] truly wants to stand in solidarity with the Black community and embody the meaning of #BlackLivesMatter, the company can immediately take steps to improve our workplace culture by: [INSERT SPECIFIC CHANGES YOU’D LIKE TO SEE IN THE STORE.]

I look forward to receiving your response in the next 48 hours.