I had been with Walmart for almost 4 yrs before I quit. In 2021, I had to have surgery on my right shoulder due to overdoing myself because we were short staffed. I was on restrictions when I got back from that but was still forced to lift heavy items due to the fact that my paperwork kept coming up missing. Because of that, any work my doctor did to fix it was basically gone down the drain. Now I can’t properly use my dominant arm.

Now back to the present. I recently quit my job as Team lead for produce and meat because my doctor put me on restrictions due to my spine. The restrictions were that I was not supposed to lift anything. But instead of following my doctor’s note, I was basically told to put the note away and call my doctor to get rid of it. My doctor was not at all happy with what they wanted me to do, so of course he refused.

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I told them I can no longer lift these items due to the fact they broke me. Because of this, I had to leave my position. Working 6 days in a row was taking a toll on my body and there were days when it would take me sometimes over a hour just to get out of bed. There were also days when I basically had to do everything myself because my coworkers were getting so overworked and worn down.

I honestly miss the people I worked with but I don’t miss how Walmart will work you until you just can’t do it anymore. Not to mention how the Managers treat their employees, especially if you can’t perform your duties.

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