Videos are an engaging and entertaining way to share the things you’ve experienced and witnessed at work.

What these retail companies are doing to employees is UNACCEPTABLE! You have insights no one else has.

Dive into our guide and learn how to create videos that empower others through sharing your story!


Things to Keep in Mind When Creating a Video

  1.  This is your opportunity to tell the public what your story is.
  2.  Short videos are BEST! Submit a video between 1-3 minutes max.
  3. Practice! It helps to get comfortable talking and feel confident in what you’re going to say.


Tips on Making Good Videos



What you hear is what we will hear. Every sound that surrounds you will get in the video.

Find the quietest room. Sometimes even a closet works best!

Ask others in your home to avoid making loud noises while you are recording.

Speak with conviction and power! slow down and emphasize your points


Good lighting helps us tell our story!

  • We want you to look your best, so find a spot at home with good lighting.
  • Natural light or a lamp are your best friends!
  • Sometimes the best option is just propping your phone up on a sunny windowsill and letting the sun do the hard work.

Film with a window or light in front of you and make sure it isn't too bright because it can wash you out


Place your phone on top of a table or a stable surface. 

A plain background is the best option, that way it’s not distracting for our viewers.

When recording, remain in the center of the frame, leaving some space on top of your head and on the sides.


Have your talking points in front of you. Your viewers will connect with you more when you are looking at the camera. Using bullet points with general ideas will help you read less.

Another way to have your talking points in front of you is by using an app like Telepromter for Video.

The app

  • Is easy to use
  • Allows you to have your talking points on the screen while you record
  • Lets you edit your video to add text, images, and music
  • Gives you options to save your video to your device or share it on social media with ease.

Where to Post Videos

  • TikTok prioritizes videos with faces
  • Pictures with a video background posted as a Reel do well on Instagram
  • Facebook is good for sharing TikTok and Instagram Reels
  • Use gifs to draw attention to your content on X
    • You can easily turn any video into a gif by using Ezgif.com

Create a video applying the tips you learned above.

We will follow up to give pointers on how to improve your video or ask for permission to use on UFR's social media platforms so be on the lookout!

Send us a video
Send us a video