We post videos to engage, entertain, and empower others in an easy to digest format

The purpose and focus of creating videos is to get our point across, build community, and prove your point

Good videos require good lighting, a clear background, and focus on the subject

What types of videos to post and where to get attention

This is your opportunity to tell your story, short videos are best, and practice what you are going to say beforehand so you are comfortable and confident

Speak with conviction and power! slow down and emphasize your points

Make sure there is no background noise. What you hear is what we hear.

Find a spot with good lighting. Natural light is best but you can also use a lamp

Film with a window or light in front of you and make sure it isn't too bright because it can wash you out

Make sure your background isn't distracting and make sure you remain in the center of the frame

Have your talking points in front of you. Your viewers will connect with you more when you are looking at the camera. Using bullet points with general ideas will help you read less.

Create a video applying the tips you learned above.

We will follow up to give pointers on how to improve your video or ask for permission to use on UFR's social media platforms so be on the lookout!

Send us a video
Send us a video