Hold a walkout or action at your store, fulfillment center, or workplace

Here are some tips from our friends at Coworker: 

  • Get the support of your coworkers. 
  • Reach out to a UFR representative for support with finalizing your action.
  • Think through what logistics you’ll need—do you need a permit, speakers, etc.? 
  • Decide how you want to notify your employer of the action (or if you want to). 
  • Make signs, buttons, and any other visuals you’ll need to illustrate the problem. 
  • Invite allies and supporters to join you (and don’t forget to remind them). 
  • Get the word out on social media and decide whether it makes sense to invite the press.

Need more resources or want to talk to an organizer? Put your info here to get expert advice from a UFR representative.