Talk to people in your store to see if they’re experiencing the same thing.

There is power in the collective—your coworkers can be a great source of mutual support and together we are stronger than alone. Don’t let fears of speaking out keep you from connecting with coworkers. One person’s voice matters because it helps our coworkers speak up too, and when we all speak up they can’t ignore us. Race has been used as a tool to divide us and to keep us from living full lives for too long. To live in a society where all of us can thrive, we must actively disrupt anti-Black racism in our stores, fulfillment centers, communities, and in ourselves. Here are some things to think about when talking to your coworkers:

  • Can you count how many Black or POC employees there are at your work from memory?
  • Does management make derogatory comments or engage in stereotyping about a particular element of a person’s culture or customs?
  • Do you receive criticisms like being too “aggressive” without any proof? 
  • Do you feel consistently passed over for promotions or more hours?
  • Does management take your feedback seriously?
  • Is the board of directors representative of staff?

We’re excited that you want to start the conversation about racism. Tell us a little about the discrimination you’re facing at work.