I broke my ankle and worked almost 5 hours because I was not allowed to leave and go to the doctor.

Afterwards, I went to the ER and was told it was broken. I asked my boss to take me out of the deli until my ankle healed and was told no. Walmart sent me to the workman’s comp doctor and he had me take the boot off  my leg and go back to work. After 2 weeks I went back to their doctor and he said my ankle was worse than when I first came to see him. He had me put the boot back on and go back to work.

My boss still would not take me out of the deli and I worked 40 hours a week on a broke ankle, sometimes closing alone because they wouldn’t hire more people.

I worked so many hours in a boot that the boot literally wore out and broke. Now my ankle is permanently damaged because of all of this and Walmart wouldn’t even pay my medical bills.

After I broke my ankle, I wound up falling at work because we had an air fryer that was leaking and Walmart wouldn’t get it fixed. I fractured my right foot, but they wouldn’t let me go see a workman’s comp doctor. My insurance said the deductible was like $1,800 and wanted $1,100 up front to see me about repairing it. I didn’t have that because Walmart was taking me off the schedule for 3 or 4 weeks at a time because when I was on medical leave for the coronavirus they pointed me. The points were supposed to be taken off but they weren’t.



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