This past week I witnessed a fellow cashier, three registers up from me, have a medical emergency. An ambulance had to come and take her to the hospital. A customer had to get her help, before the manager and a couple coaches came to her aide, and before the ambulance came.

I couldn’t help but to think work would be a horrible place to die. Not only that, if anything happens to one at work, Walmart isn’t going to cover the ambulance, the ER, or much less anything else.

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They no longer have any handhelds that tell them when a cashier calls a 248 action code [a code which tells customer service managers to page certain associates] or to even call for a Code White [a code for when an accident has occurred].

Instead, a cashier or the customer would have to walk up to the service desk and inform those at the desk that either a customer or the cashier needs medical assistance.

Again, a cashier is all alone if help is needed, whether that help is needed with a price check, a medical emergency, or even worse. If there is a robbery at gunpoint in the garden center, we are on our own in there, and that’s just not a safe way of working.

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