I have worked for the corporation in 3 different capacities and what I have experienced is that…

management is very disrespectful, and when we need their assistance, they don’t help.

Those of us who work for the call center in Customer Relations deal with the brunt of the abuse by the customers. Last weekend, I received a phone call from a customer who was already angry when she called in. She claimed that people hung up on her, and while I was asking questions she claimed she couldn’t hear me and she started getting verbally abusive, cursing and throwing insults at me,  saying that “you must be stupid to have a job at Walmart” along with other insults.

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When we have callers like this one, we usually try to get them to an Escalation Team member who acts as a supervisor and talk to them. If the caller is abusive, they disconnect the call, but we are not able to disconnect calls. A coworker ended up getting a call from this caller too and she got stressed out also. A team lead told her to get to an Escalation representative. The Escalation representative took the call, determined how abusive the caller was, and ended the call. The customer called back and got passed to another Escalation member. He also ended the call. At this point, a lead should have taken the call. But leads never take calls, which is not surprising, but makes me ask, why should we be abused by these customers?

Both the stores and the call centers have to deal with customers like this, we should not have to be subjected to the abuse. The leads and management need to step up and handle this. No wonder people are quitting.

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