My name is Paula Curtis. I am a current associate at Walmart store 3712. I am here to say that my friend Anita died at Walmart store 5192 . She was being harassed by management. She had a heart condition and she went to the store manager and explained to him how management was treating her, that she was also going through a divorce, and she couldn’t take the stress. He did nothing about the managers harassing her. The next day she walked through the doors in grocery and died on the spot.

She wasn’t found for over an hour and a half.

Walmart just showed how they have no concerns for the people who work so that management and executives can get higher pay.

Walmart needs to take responsibility for keeping their associates safe.

They need to get rid of policies that give us points for being sick, and instead keep us alive so we can go home to our families and friends who do care about us. Shame on you Walmart.

Take action today to stand up with Paula…



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