NATIONWIDE Today, following the introduction of the PAID Leave Act by Senator Murray, Senator Gillibrand and Representative DeLauro, United for Respect leader and four-year Walmart employee Melissa Love issued the following statement: 

“People who are working retail on the frontlines of this crisis need the kind of bold action offered by Sen. Gillibrand and Rep. DeLauro in the PAID Leave Act. 

Our country won’t get healthier if millions of retail workers are not guaranteed paid sick and family leave during this public health crisis. In this crisis, I’m proud to provide our customers with the food they need, but corporations like Walmart have shown they are not up to the task of protecting the safety of employees or customers. 

Too often, even before COVID-19 hit, I came to work sick because of Walmart’s inadequate policies — I couldn’t afford to stay home. As a part-timer, I am even worse off, because I’m not eligible for any paid family or sick leave whatsoever.   

The PAID Leave Act is the standard for the kind of comprehensive response we need. We call for every elected official to support and pass this bill.”

Since it’s launch on March 11, United for Respect’s sick time petition at Walmart has garnered more than 5,500 signatures, signaling the importance of an overhauled sick time policy at the nation’s largest employer. Walmart employees taking action with United for Respect are calling on Walmart to publicly commit to (1) provide comprehensive healthcare to all associates; (2) provide seven days of paid sick time to all employees; (3) accept doctor’s notes and excused absences by doctors, and honor restrictions when returning to work, and (4) guarantee that employees will not be retaliated against, fired or given points if they call out sick.

If you’re covering Walmart and would like to speak to an hourly employee, please contact Taylor Campbell at (202) 854-9571 or [email protected].