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ICYMI: Former Toys ‘R’ Us employees and company executives launch first-ever Mirror Board

ICYMI: Today, Fast Company reported on the creation of Toys ‘R’ Us (TRU) Mirror Board, a first-of-its-kind structure that will provide former employees a direct line of communication with the company’s new CEO and Board of Directors. The launch of the Mirror Board comes a year after tens of thousands of TRU employees made history in the creation of a $20 million employee severance fund and was established in collaboration with United for Respect leaders and TRU executives.

The Mirror Board will meet regularly with the TRU executive team and will work closely on matters that impact TRU employees, including benefit programs, hiring strategies, and Employee Principles. The first meeting concluded today and TRU committed to a $15 base wage.

While this is the first-ever working relationship established between company executives and working people, United for Respect is fighting to ensure it is definitely not the last. Currently, United for Respect leaders are advocating for the same type of corporate partnership with Walmart executives. It is the mission of United for Respect to ensure working people have a seat at the table and a say over the company policies that directly impact them, such as benefits, schedules, and workers’ rights.

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