Retail Workers to Address Lack of Protections at Walmart and Amazon;
Outline Steps to Halt Public Health and Economic Crises

NATIONWIDE — As the public health and economic ramifications of COVID-19 sweep across the nation, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) will join Walmart and Amazon associates with United for Respect to discuss momentum for universal paid leave in a third stimulus bill to protect frontline employees and their families during the crisis.

Hourly employees at Walmart and Amazon, whose health and safety are at risk as they continue to provide food and supplies to families nationwide without adequate safeguards like safety materials or sufficient paid leave policies, will call on the nation’s biggest corporations to take urgent steps to defeat COVID-19 swiftly and safeguard the economy from further damage.

Congress has passed legislation that exempted the country’s largest retailers, including Walmart and Amazon, from a mandate to provide emergency paid leave, excluding millions of workers nationwide. United for Respect leaders are fighting for and expect Congress’ next stimulus bill to include comprehensive paid family and sick leave for all working people.

WHO: Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Walmart and Amazon employees, Jobs With Justice, Working Families Party

WHAT: Press call with frontline retail workers who are demanding comprehensive legislation from the federal government that includes paid sick leave, health insurance, and job security for all workers.

WHEN: Friday, March 20, 2020 at 6:00pm EST/5:00 PM CT/3:00 PM PT

RSVP: Taylor Campbell, [email protected]

United for Respect leaders employed at Walmart and other major retailers are demanding that corporations and elected representatives  take proactive steps to prioritize the health and welfare of working families and communities. They are calling on the nation’s largest employers to publicly commit to (1) paying employees if businesses are shut down; (2) provide comprehensive health insurance coverage; (3) provide seven paid sick days to all employees year round, and (4) provide safety protection to frontline employees. In the absence of corporate action, elected representatives must mandate these steps to protect the country’s public and economic health.

Since its launch on March 11, United for Respect’s sick time petition at Walmart has garnered more than 5,600 signatures, signaling growing employee momentum for an overhauled sick time policy at the nation’s largest corporate employer.