United For Respect

Media Contact: Taylor Campbell, [email protected]
For Immediate Release: August 9, 2019

Walmart Employees Respond to Walmart Removing Signing & Displays Referencing Violence from Stores


NATIONWIDE Today, following news that Walmart is taking down displays of violent video games and movies in its stores in response to white supremacist trerrorism in El Paso, Texas, Walmart employees organizing under United for Respect issued the following statement:


This is far from a ‘thoughtful and deliberate’ response to last weekend’s hate crime from Doug McMillon — it’s irresponsible and weak, and underscores why we have no trust in his leadership. This new policy does nothing to make us feel safe going to work. Guns in the hands of white supremacists are the threat — not video games. Doug McMillon continues to put our safety at risk by being complicit in Trump’s racism and xenophobia. If he wants to show support for Associates and our families’ safety, he should step down from his advisory role in the Trump Administration and publicly reject the President’s and the Republican Party’s racism and xenophobia.”




United for Respect (UFR) is a national non-profit organization. UFR is a multiracial movement of working people throughout the U.S. advancing a vision of an economy where our work is respected and our humanity recognized. UFR is not a labor union and does not intend or seek to represent retail employees over terms and conditions of employment or to bargain with retail employers.