Should you be covering the news that at least three employees at a Colorado Springs Walmart have tested positive for COVID-19, I wanted to let you know that Walmart associates with United For Respect are available to speak on the unsafe conditions at their stores. El Paso County Public Health is conducting an investigation of the outbreak in the Colorado Springs store – including when all three associates may have become infected – and alerting customers who may have been in the store.

This is the latest example of how Walmart management’s failed COVID-19 response has sacrificed the health and safety of its employees. The Wall Street Journal reported last month that nearly 2,000 Walmart associates have tested positive for COVID-19, many at the same store.

On April 29, in response to the corporation’s lack of transparency and failure to protect employees, customers, and the public, United for Respect members launched a public COVID-19 tracker to track infections and monitor store conditions to help keep associates and customers safe and informed. The launch coincided with over 500 members of United For Respect working at Walmart calling out  — the largest single coordinated call out by Walmart associates to date since the COVID-19 outbreak. To date, there have been at least 22 deaths of Walmart associates from COVID-19.

If you would like to learn more about the growing trend of infections and deaths at Walmarts nationwide, or speak with Walmart associates, please contact [email protected]