Principles for Quality Jobs


  • A Seat at the Table

    People who work hourly jobs have an interest in the long-term health of our companies and should be included as corporate board members, with the same rights and responsibilities as other directors. Executives should drive collaboration with employees, community leaders and academics to advance high-road workplace standards.

    • United for Respect will designate one or more board members to sit on the corporate board.
    • In addition to regular board duties, United for Respect-designated board members will be provided data regarding compliance with workplace standards, including those described here.
    • Designated board members will have access to independent board training, support and counsel from United for Respect.


  • Living Wages

    Pay at least $15 an hour base wage with dependable annual increases.  Ensure that all associates receive a meaningful share of company profits.  There will be annual reviews of the compensation package to ensure that it is fair and consistent with company profitability.


  • A Fair Workweek

     Commit to maximize opportunities for full-time work and equal treatment for part-time employees.  The company will provide predictable and stable schedules and scheduling flexibility based on employee input. Commit to track usage of part-time, contract or temporary employees and to regularly report the ratio of full-time to part-time hours.


  • Time to Care for Families

    Ensure people have the time they need at home when either they or family members are sick by ensuring employees have at least six days of designated paid sick days a year.  Accept medical providers’ sick-leave notes to address serious medical conditions of employees and family.


  • Equal Pay and Opportunity

    Ensure equal pay and opportunity across race and gender.  Disclose annual surveys that measure pay by race and gender, by part-time vs full-time status and by management vs hourly positions.  Actively recruit and accommodate employees with disabilities.


  • Paid Family Leave

    Provide at least 12 weeks of paid family leave to both women and men who have or adopt a new child, or need to provide critical care for a parent or guardian. Respect that people have different kinds of families by allowing associates to provide care for people they consider family members.


  • Accommodate Pregnant Women

    Ensure a safe working environment by accepting pregnancy accommodation requests and best practices, including a respectful and private place for nursing.


  • Provide a Safe Workplace, Free of Harassment

     Impose discipline, up to and including dismissal, for managers or hourly employees who commit harassment. Investigations should commence within 24 hours of receiving a complaint and employees should receive the results of the investigation and a summary of the actions taken within 30 days of the complaint.


  • Affordable, Quality Family Health Coverage

     Offer healthcare to associates and their families for both full-time and part-time employees. Conduct an annual review to ensure that healthcare is affordable and provides adequate coverage.


  • Training and Promotion

     Commit to working with United for Respect to help your employees build connections with each other in the workplace, so that they can share and learn new skills and best practices to advance in your company.  Commit to a workplace culture where employees share ideas, and to promoting qualified employees from within.


  • Introduction of New Technology

     Inform stakeholders when new technologies will be adopted, include an assessment process with public findings on how this will impact job quality, employee well-being and job totals. As new tech-related jobs are created, give priority to existing staff or potentially displaced staff for trainings and promotions. Monitor how workplace data is used, accessed, and / or restricted. Establish employee privacy protections.


  • Severance Protection

    Offer fair severance pay in the event of a layoff of at least one week for every year of service, and 90 days advance notice before any layoffs.


  • Workplace Support

     Provide employees with full access to corporate policies in primary language and access to independent resource for information and support about these policies, such as the WorkIt app.


  • Freedom of Association

     Respect the associational rights of employees to work together and with organizations to improve themselves and their workplaces.


  • No Retaliation

     Make sure that no employee is retaliated against for making a complaint or otherwise raising any of the above issues with management.


  • Code of Conduct

    Commit to the above standards by adopting a code of conduct that is  enforceable by your employees in a process that empowers their participation, with annual reviews and regular, independent audits, and a fair and impartial complaint and remedy procedure.