Working at Walmart is a nightmare.

There’s far too many stories to tell.

I still have nightmares and I don’t even work there anymore. I haven’t worked there since 2019 but I still have nightmares very often.

I ended up with a kidney stone. Walmart would keep me scanning by myself for hours on end without any relief at all, and not allowing bathroom breaks. They kept saying ‘someone will be here to relieve you’ but nobody ever comes to relieve you when you have to go to the restroom. I’ve heard so many stories from other associates who told me about about wetting themselves or pooping themselves because they’re not allowed to leave the front, cash registers, or Scan & Go.

Working at Walmart was the most stressful job I’ve ever had. I’m now dealing with Carpal Tunnel, severe Carpal Tunnel at that, in both hands. The mental anguish and stress was so bad when I worked there that I’m still dealing with it today. I literally still have nightmares. Worst job I’ve ever worked at.

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