As we absorb the news that the jury found Officer Chauvin guilty of murdering George Floyd, we are relieved that there is accountability for this one man, and his crimes. We also hold the pain of how much racist murder and violence continues unchecked, and how much more needs to be done. 

George Floyd

Daunte Wright

Adam Toledo 

Ma’Khia Bryantkilled by police in Ohio just yesterday

As a United for Respect community, we uplift their names as we rise up to end the racist policing system and stand together with tens of millions around the world to affirm that Black Lives Matter and police brutality and murder must end now.  

We are thinking of George Floyd’s family, who have lost a brother, father, son, loved one. We are thinking of activists fighting on the ground in Minnesota to end racist policing, facing down tear gas and tanks. We are thinking of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo, who were murdered by police in recent weeks, and the sixty four other people who were murdered by the police during this trial, and Ma’Khia Bryant who was killed around the same time Officer Chauvin’s guilty verdict was read. 

Black people have been suffering for too long in this country. These killings by police are not isolated events. The system of policing in the United States is rooted in the racism that has defined our country since the beginning. As working people, we see the ways that racism harms us and our communities, and benefits the wealthiest in society.

At United for Respect, we are committed to building a movement to end racism in all of its forms, and we join the calls for justice, accountability, and urgent change. We must come together and continue building safe communities, where all workers are treated with equal dignity and respect, and where our families are able to thrive. Please join us in speaking out, standing up, and taking action.

Sad’e Davis

Cynthia Murray

Catherine (Cat) Davis

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