Tell Michigan Lawmakers:

Make Big Corporations Pay When They Put Michiganders Out of Work


Those of us who call Michigan home know the story: Private equity firm Thomas H. Lee Partners took over Art Van stores, looted the beloved furniture retailer for profit, and ran it into the ground. Thousands of retail associates were laid off and forced to turn to public assistance to make ends meet as COVID plunged our economy into chaos. 

Michigan’s essential workers — who provide fundamental services in healthcare, transportation, food services, agriculture, and retail, among other industries — are vitally important to the functioning of our society. We were hit first and worst by the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting mass unemployment, and we need protections put in place to ensure it never happens to us or our families ever again. 

Today, Michigan is stepping in where Wall Street private equity firms and corporate CEOs are failing. Guaranteed severance pay is the first step toward protecting working families from Wall Street’s greed. United for Respect leaders — all former and current retail employees — are proud to be working with State Representative Abraham Aiyash (4th District) to pass a Guaranteed Severance Pay Bill to hold wealthy executives accountable for their recklessness and greed.

THL nearly ruined the Michigan communities we know and love.

We’re making sure that what happened at Art Van never happens again in our state.

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If you’re from Michigan, the single most important thing you can do is tell your lawmakers it’s time to make big corporations pay when they put Michiganders out of work.

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