❖Image size matters

➢ Below is the recommended image size for each platform. Not following the recommendations may lead to your graphic being cropped or stretched.

❖United for Respect colors

➢ UFR has a wide color palette that contains 3 primary colors and 10 secondary colors to choose from.


Steps to Creating a Graphic

Canva is a free online digital platform to create graphics.

It has many templates that you can personalize to help tell your story and move our campaigns forward.

We’ll walk you through how to use it.

Design tips for text

Use different size text

Visual hierarchy draws the eye to the focus of your design.

Don't overcrowd the design

We have found that graphics with less text perform better on social media.

Make sure the text is readable

The text should be large enough so that it’s legible.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to pair dark colored text with a light background or light colored text with a dark background.

If you want assurances the colors you choose will be accessible for the visually impaired, try using a color palette generator.

Create a graphic applying the tips you learned above.

We will follow up to give pointers on how to improve your meme or ask for permission to use on UFR's social media platforms so be on the lookout!

Send us a graphic
Send us a graphic