Unlock your inner photographer! Explore the dos and don’ts of picture-taking with our ultimate guide.




❖What makes a good headshot? Here’s what we’re looking for:

Use the horizontal orientation and make sure there is enough space surrounding the person to fit text onto the photo.

Try to remain in the center of the frame while leaving space between the top of your head and the border of the frame.

Make sure you are looking directly at the camera. Direct eye contact can be as engaging in a picture as it is in real life.

Take the picture alone (or with your children if you’d like).

Good lighting – Outdoors is best but if indoors take the photo with light facing you. A window is always the best option! You can also take it close to a lamp.

Find a spot where you can leave your phone standing up and set up a timer.

Use a plain background. Picking a simple background like a blank wall, in front of their store, or nature so all the attention is on you!

No distracting text on t-shirt or clothing. United for Respect swag is ok 😉

Take a set of headshots with different facial expressions (happy, sad, angry).


Group Photos



❖So, what about group photos? Everything listed above plus:

➢ Take photo with employer signage in view if taken outside.

➢ Have currents wear work shirt, vest, or badge.

➢ If using signs, make sure full sign can be seen and is not cut off or hidden.


❖What makes a bad photo?

❌ Fists raised (unless at an action)

❌ Dark indoor lighting

❌ Vertical orientation

❌ Selfies

❌ Backgrounds that are time bound (Christmas, Valentines, etc…) unless specified for a specific campaign


Send us a photo applying the tips you learned above.

We will follow up to give pointers on how to improve your photo or ask for permission to use on UFR's social media platforms so be on the lookout!

Send us a photo
Send us a photo