Some parts of Metro Detroit have chosen to “opt out” of the SMART transportation system – cutting hundreds of thousands of residents off from essential services like healthcare. Walling ourselves off is putting unnecessary stress on our communities.

It’s time to connect Southeast Michigan.

Vote YES on transit on or before November 8th!

Here’s everything you need to cast your vote.

Novi, for example, is bursting with job opportunities. But as long as it remains isolated from public transit too many people who could be powering our communities, building our local economy, and providing for their families are forced to turn down good jobs.

Michigan voters in Oakland, Macomb, and parts of Wayne counties have a chance to unite us and create thriving communities.


Here are the details:

Each of these counties has an initiative on the ballot (remember to check the back of your ballot for these pieces before submitting it!) that would renew existing SMART transit options AND extend transportation into communities like Novi, Richmond, and more.

It’s our chance to open up a whole new world of opportunities to people who don’t have a car – from the senior citizen who no longer drives to the working families struggling to keep up with gas prices.

Voting YES on transit millage on your ballot will open up a new wave of potential employees for our small businesses, keep our air cleaner and drive down climate pollution, and bring vibrancy to once walled-off communities.


Can we count on you to join the wave of working people in Michigan who are planning to vote yes on transit?

How to Vote
How to Vote

Check your registration, polling place, and see what your ballot looks like. It’s everything you need to cast your vote.


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Choice on the Ballot

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