ICYMI — TIME reports women still fighting for equal pay at Walmart after two decades


Wanted to make sure you saw TIME’s story this morning reporting on a class action lawsuit against Walmart by several women who have been making less than their male coworkers at Sam’s Club and Walmart stores for nearly 20 years.

This news comes only months after nearly 100 women in the U.S. Southern District of Florida sued Walmart for gender-pay discrimination, in a long series of gender discrimination cases against the corporation. Complaints over sexual harassment at Walmart’s stores have also escalated in recent years, from employees taking inappropriate pictures to discrimination against transgender employees.

Walmart shareholders are concerned about the potential risk of discrimination and harassment at the company and the impact on long-term interests for investors and workers. On two separate occasions, hourly associates have put forth shareholder resolutions calling on Walmart to disclose whether women or people of color are paid less than white men at Walmart. Both times, Walmart refused.

Additionally, while Walmart faces multiple lawsuits and EEOC charges of sexual harassment, a major proposal to strengthen the corporation’s sexual harassment policies has been included on the retailer’s 2019 proxy statement. Filed by United for Respect, the proposal will allow shareholders to vote to formalize more robust Board oversight of sexual harassment of Walmart associates and align senior executive compensation with plans to encourage real action. Walmart’s opposition to this proposal does not adequately prioritize the safety and security of vulnerable associates.

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